Being busy I missed both tweets. Saw comments and agreed wholeheartedly that he needs a good smack. He is a trolling, messy bastard but I have to give Aliasvaughn her props - there is method to his insanity and I still maintain he has too much time on his hands.


I sat back and looked at both tweets in earnest and sure it was a shot across the bow of both sides of the fandom because do not fool yourself in thinking otherwise; he was having no end of fun, expecting retorts and I am glad we were not the ones - too smart for that.

The fools (Antis) ran to him, like someone said,  he was the second coming, showing their asses and missing the actual point. In fact, their hatred of Kerry came to the fore. These asses have issues because they are doing nothing but projecting their own failure and insecurities, but let’s get on to what is important, we have long established that they are both racist and sexist because they should have been the first to slap him because what was said was totally against their precious criminal element prince.


It was the second tweet that solidified my musing and made me look back at the first post suddenly realizing that that snide prick ,Malina, had tacit permission to do this. He isn’t stupid. He knows what real potential repercussions would be, if he erred in his supposed joke. You see, had she been married to the Ahole (yeah that will happen), he would not have dared.

I see you, Mr Malina. KerryOn…in bad taste as always. Yet another confirmation.